Export to Rollformer

Export to Rollformer

This button is at the bottom of all the Panel Cutting List Summary dialog boxes and provides for the generated cutting list to be exported to a text file for transfer via your network or memory stick to the controller of the machine.

Select the Export to Rollformer button and the dialog pops up that allows you to select the required output format.

The options are:

AMS Controls (Eclipse) – the proprietary format for the AMS Eclipse controller
AppliCad PCF Output – the AppliCad proprietary format that describes the complete cutting details including the shape of each panel. For more details refer to section 6 of this manual.
Beck Automation – the proprietary format for Beck Automation controllers
Pro-face Controller – the proprietary format of Pro-face Automation PLC controllers

You are prompted for the required file name and the ellipsis button […] allows you to set the desired path for saving the file.

Select Ok and the file is written.