Tally Blocks


This command creates a sheet list from the blocks in the model.

It does this by accumulating all the annotations from each block in the model to create a consolidated list. You should have already set the cover for this roof, but if not, you will be prompted to do so. The lists will separate straight sheets from curved sheets.

The Sheet Allowances Used: <xxxx> indicates the name of the sheet allowances file being used on the job being reported. This is set when you select your sheet/panel type before blocking. Select Allowances under Estimate and define the settings that work for your roof system. You can have multiple allowance files for different roof systems.

After the sheets are gathered, the Sheet cutting list summary dialog box is displayed.


You can also see on the summary, the total sheet length, sheet area, total roof area and block area. If you want to export this list to a comma separated value file (.csv) for import into another computer system, click ExportCSV.

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Remember : if you want to alter the final sheet list you can use the Man-Block > Change-details option.