Server Licensing

Server Licensing

Roof Wizard provides for Web Licensing of the Roof Wizard software as standard.

All users with internet access will therefore be able to utilise as many licenses as they have available to their organisation, concurrently, from any location.  This flexible licensing will work for all our users who have previously had to contact AppliCad to check licenses out when travelling or taking annual vacation leave.

The new licensing also provides improved accessibility of the software to all users in your organisation, thus ensuring the right tools are provided to the right resources at the right time.

License Manager

How Do I Get it?

It is very simple – go to the AppliCad web site – –  and log in to the customer services area.
You log in using your email address and if you don’t know or can’t remember your password, there is provision to retrieve it.

License Manager Log in

Log in with your email address and your password.    If you have not registered before or are not listed as the primary contact for your company, you will need to create a new registration.

Login Details

The status of your current licenses is displayed, and at the bottom of the list is the button to the version of software you are entitled to access.   If your support arrangements are in order and paid up, then you will have a button, [Download Roof Wizard version 8.2].

License Manager - Download

Once downloaded, run the Roof Wizard install by simply double clicking the executable file name – Roof Wizard 82 me.exe (for the metric version) or Roof Wizard 82 ft.exe (for the imperial version).

The installation script will copy all the required files over the top of your existing installation, updating all the current utilities.   The install DOES NOT over write any of your existing data or job files.   However, simply as a matter of good house-keeping policy, you must make a back-up of all your files before you install the new software.

Once installed, the software looks across the internet to our license server and checks the status of your licenses.  If no license is registered (and it will not be the first time you run it), the following dialog will be displayed:

License Manager - Read Only

Without any registration, you can run in ReadOnly mode – you would do this if you simply wanted to open, check and perhaps print an existing job.

In our case, we want to register, so select the Check ID’s button and you will be prompted to insert the ID’s from your My Licenses page.

License Manager - Co ID

You must then insert your unique Company ID and your User ID, and this information is displayed at the bottom of the page.   If any of your users are not listed, then you must email AppliCad and let us know who they are so that we can add them to your user list.

Company ID - User ID

Insert the respective codes provided and you will be all set.

Manage User Codes

At the bottom of the License Manager page is the summary of your registered users and their IDs, plus the unique company ID.

License manager - User Details

If you ever need to change the company ID or add a new user, open the software, go to Help > About Software and a dialog box similar to that below is displayed:

License Manager Summary Page

Once your software is registered your online license manager page will have a summary displayed of how many licenses are connected and by whom.

If you do not have a current support agreement, what we call Investment Protection or IP, then you can renew it by going to our online shop – open 24/7.