Select Siding Material

Select Siding Material

This command selects the material you want to use for the siding. Firstly, you select the material you want from a list. Notice that we store siding materials and roofing materials in the same database, as frequently they are the same product.

You should have already defined the siding material using the Set-Up > Metal-Panels command and the information saved in the file sheeting.csv. This is the same file where roof panels/sheets are also saved. The insulation is defined with Set-Up > Insulation and will be displayed in the list on the drop do box.

Once defined use Walls > Apply Wall Set-Up >Select Wall Cladding to select the wall pay rate, allowances, material and fasteners you wish to apply to the wall.

You will also select the required wall insulation through this dialog box. It is good practice to check the accessories that have been previously defined for the selected panel. These may change from a roof application to a wall application.

On One-Wall

The cover command allows you to assign a different metal siding material to one or more wall planes.

When you click this command, the siding material dialog box is displayed. If you have already selected a siding material, then you see the following dialog box:

Here you set the new material specification you want by clicking Change and selecting the required panel from your list.

After you click [OK], you then select the wall planes you want to adopt this material.

On One-Panel

This command lets you change the materials used on one or more panels. For your convenience, the panels are highlighted to make them easier to select.


You can see the result by regenerating the cutting list using Generate Wall Panels. When the cut list appears, change to the different material by clicking on the arrow to the right of the material list shown. You can list the individual panels or the complete list of panels. Also displayed is the total length of coil required for this job, plus the area of panels compared with the area of walls.