CAD Inline

This command is the entry point to the main 3D Modeller CAD engine on which Roof Wizard is developed. The detailed description of the command set provided is not covered here, but can be found in the Manuals directory in the folder: C:\AppliCad\Roof Wizard\Manual.

CAD > Inline Menu

The inline menu allows you to call up a new command while in the middle of a current command. This is accessed by selecting F2 (function key 2) from the keyboard, or by moving the mouse to edge of the work space and clicking the middle button, or selecting Inline from the Pulldown menu.

If the F2 key is used, the Main menu must be turned on (Menu On/Off on the Pulldown menu).

The inline menu offers up a series of additional capabilities especially useful when editing lines on roof geometry.   This is a summary of the inline options:

Intersection     Allows you to pick a point at the intersection of two entities as listed.

Reference     Allows you to define a reference or datum point to move incrementally from.

Origin     Allows you to find the origin of an entity eg the origin of a circle is the centre

Mid Point     Allows you to find the mid-point between two points. You would normally pick the points using the middle button.

End     Allows you to find the end of a line, typically if it goes off the workspace.

Distance Along    Allows you to find a construction point an exact distance along a line.

X&Y&Z     Allows you to pick a point at a precise X, Y, Z coordinate

Select All     Allows you to select everything on screen – to move or copy the entities

Window     Allows you to define a rectangular window to pick entities to move, stretch, delete or copy

Poly Window     Allows you to define a polygonal or irregular shape to capture entities to move, stretch, delete or copy.

Chain     Allows you to pick a line and all lines connected to it will also be found.

Mask     Allows you to mask entities from the pick box.

Exclude     Allows you to select individual items to exclude from the transform function (move, stretch, delete or copy).

Repaint    Repaints the screen.

Zoom    Opens up various options for moving around the model.